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3 phase inverters (7-12.5KW)

SolarEdge Smart module level monitoring system
SolarEdge Smart module level monitoring system

Increased energy yield:
  • More energy due to module-level MPPT
  • Mismatch power losses eliminated
  • Easy and cost efficient maintenance for increased up-time of your PV system
Maximum design flexibility:
  • Faster and easier design -
  1. Strings of unequal length
  2. Tilt/azimuth diversity in same string
  3. Shade tolerant
  4. Modules of different models / power ratings
  • Up to 50% reduction in electrical BoS components (wires, conduits, junction boxes, fuses, etc.) due to longer and therefore fewer strings per system
~15% O&M Cost Reduction and future compatibility
  • Module-level monitoring for reduced operation and maintenance costs
  • Pinpointed alerts for cost effective maintenance
  • Future addition or replacement of modules with any available module type and capacity
Full safety solution:
  • Electrocution and fire risks are eliminated with safe voltages during installation, maintenance and firefighting

3 phase inverters (7-12.5kw) מפרט טכני



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