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Advice Electronics ltd

Advice was founded in 1989. Advice Electronics Ltd is expert in the
Power supply systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), communication solutions, Renewable energy solutions and Company Portal, Business Solutions.
Having a strong customer orientation, the company has matured into a
Compact and stable organization with very high quality, ISO9001
Approved, and it is still in constant development.
Advice Electronics is a leading company in the power field with
A professional R&D, marketing, sales and technical support team
This includes highly qualified employees skilled into power systems and communications filed

Advice Electronics are experts on the Israeli Market on UPS, power supply, communications solutions, Renewable energy solutions and Company Portal, Business Solutions. 
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  UPS: UPS up to 4 mega watt that can answer to a wide range of solutions to the defense and back up field;

Power supplies: linear, modular, medical, DC/ AC ,AC/DC, solar grid inverters and control & management systems for solar sites;

communications: wireless solutions–long and short range, POE solutions, IP cameras, optic solutions, KVM, switches, communication cabinets.

Solar Energy solutions: Grid Inverters, Off Grid inverters
Monitoring and control systems for Solar Sites/ Plants

Company Portal, Business Solutions:
Advice Business Solutions Development Department markets the the "Magicnet" - modular company portal solutions built for business grants: module sales, marketing module, service module and other business solutions, the "Magicnet" workes with many ERP software such as SAP and Hashavshevet.
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 All these solutions enable our engineering department finding the most effective, timely and economic solutions for our customer applications with either a standard, modified or a totally customs made product.
Our professional service department combines experience and innovation in repair and calibration in our authorized laboratory.

Advice Electronics represents a variety of well known manufacturers in the power & communications fields such as: Mean Well Enterprises, Eltek Valere, Kepco, Planet, etc.

Address: 16 Atir Yeda St. Kfar-Saba 4464321, Israel
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Tel: +972-3-9000-900
Fax: +972-3-9027444
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